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The Disability Trust recognises our most valuable asset, our workforce, which drives everything we do. We are an Equal Employment Opportunities employer and recruit employees based on merit. As working in the disability industry can be challenging, we seek employees who:

  • Are committed to making a difference in the lives of people living with a disability and share our commitment to create “an inclusive world built on trust, respect and equality, where people with a disability live the life they choose”; and
  • Have a positive and supportive attitude and evidently demonstrate behaviours associated with our values.

We have a number of career opportunities on offer at The Disability Trust in both Client Facing roles, and in Business Service roles. We also offer traineeships and work placement opportunities.
Client-Facing Roles

A Disability Support Worker (DSW) is one of our key positions. In this  role you'll support people living with Disability to live the life they choose and you may work across a variety of roles.

Applying for a Client-Facing Role

If you are applying for a client-facing role, such as a Disability Support Worker, you can expect the following recruitment and selection process;

  1. Visit our vacant positions page for a position that suits you and your experience
  2. Apply by completing the online application which involves submitting your resume and cover letter and addressing the selection criteria. If you have any industry probity documents or certificates you can attach them to your application for consideration. 
  3. If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to a group interview. During this group interview you will learn more about The Disability Trust and the values we uphold, take part in a group-activity, and have a speed-dating interview with your hiring manager and team leaders. 
  4. If you are not shortlisted, you will be notified no later than two weeks after the position closes. 
  5. After your assessment centre you be referenced checked. You will need to provide the following documents (if you haven’t already) to be successful for the position;
    • Working With Children Check (NSW & Vic) and/or Working With Vulnerable People Card (ACT)
    • NDIS Worker Screening Check
    • Drivers Licence
    • Access to a reliable vehicle
    • Current First Aid Certificate 
  6. Once you have supplied these documents, you will be booked into our industry leading 5-day orientation training prior to commencing buddy shifts across our services.

Business Services Role

Business service roles are those that support our business functions. They can be in areas like Staffing and Rostering, Finance, Marketing, Payroll, Human Resources, and Information Communications Technology (ICT).

These positions are important to ensure all operations are functioning and improving the services we provide to participants and their families.

Applying for a Business Service Role

If you are interested in one of these positions, please apply online when a position becomes available. If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to a face-to-face or virtual interview to discuss your fitness for the position. You will need to supply the following documents to be successful in obtaining an offer;

  •  Working With Children Check (NSW) and/or Working With Vulnerable People Card (ACT)
  •  NDIS Worker Screening Check
  •  Drivers Licence

Traineeships, Work Placements, Volunteering and Internships

An added bonus of gaining a qualification and experience within a particular industry is that it makes you an appealing candidate for positions at the completion of your traineeship. Employers benefit from having skilled and career-ready employees ready for work after the traineeship program.

A traineeship program allows you to gain a nationally recognised qualification by combining employment and training. That means you’ll be getting paid while learning new skills in the workplace.

Work Placements & Volunteering

The Disability Trust is dedicated to providing opportunities for students from several training organisations that offer high quality work placements. This ensures the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom are able to be transferred to the industry. Work placements and volunteering are extremely valuable to students because they provide a competitive edge in both their academic performance and employability, and it also benefits The Disability Trust by creating a talent pool of successful placements to draw on. 


The Disability Trust has several Internship partnerships with leading universities like UOW and USYD. Taking on interns helps us discover quality talent without sifting through hundreds of candidates. Internships help students to improve their skills and knowledge in their area of study and increase their understanding and awareness of the world of work. It can accelerate their personal maturity, self-awareness and ability to articulate their skills and achievements.

View Vacant Jobs


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I have been employed since November 2019 working in the Learning & Development (L&D) team, and occasionally assisting the Employment & Engagement team. I had previously gained experience in management and business operations in the hospitality industry and was looking for a new career to develop new skills. I like working for a not for profit organisation that values their clients and employees. I’ve received overwhelming support from my manager and team and that makes coming to work really enjoyable. I also love seeing our clients come in to the office- that’s definitely the most rewarding part of the job. Having a personality that is reserved and shy has been a personal challenge that I’m working to overcome. I’ve learnt business admin skills that I was not familiar with like Outlook functions, data entry, new systems and general ad hoc duties for my role. I hope to successfully complete my traineeship and secure a permanent role within the team. And I’m looking forward to gaining more experience and skills within my role to benefit the team.
- Chantelle Tobia - People, Learning and Culture Trainee
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I have been with the The Disability Trust for 9 months now, working in the People Learning and Culture team (PLC), specifically in Employment & Engagement (E&E) and Learning & Development (L&D). At the time I was in my 3rd year of study at University studying Marketing & Public Relations (completely different to what I am working in now) however had always regretted not choosing Human Resources as a major, so when I found this role, it was the perfect opportunity to achieve a qualification and valuable workplace experience in another business field I had been interested in. I work part time, 4 days a week. I am currently working with L&D to help with training administration and facilitation, and I have been working with the manager to assist in the delivery of the COVID-19 Upskilling Project. Everyone was welcoming when I first came on board and seemed interested in allowing me to learn across the PLC team. The Christmas Party after two weeks of working here was a pretty fun night to get to know everyone. There are a bunch of little moments that are rewarding, like whenever we get feedback from group homes and participants of how much they are liking the new homes, it always makes you feel good and reminds you that you are working to better the lives of the participants. COVID-19 has been the main challenge, and working from home. It has been challenging working in the PLC team as I have had no previous experience, so I have to ask a lot of questions and I am always learning something new. However, that challenge is overcome by having a large group of qualified and professional HR personnel to be able to pick their brain or ask for advice. I have learnt a lot! I have definitely developed my workplace skills and the importance of meticulous detail and the importance on getting feedback on my performance. My current goal is to finish my course work for my Cert III and I am looking forward to learning more about Human Resources. I have been looking at enrolling in a Diploma of Human Resources at TAFE next year once I finish my Cert III and my Bachelors degree.
- Bronte Wildin – People, Learning and Culture Trainee
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I have worked at The Disability Trust since November 2019. I thought the Traineeship was the perfect opportunity to gain insight and experience in the Disability sector. I was also keen to start a career working for such an amazing organisation that do wonderful things in the community and for their participants. I enjoy the positive work environment and endless support and help I receive from my colleagues. Everyone is so friendly and makes the going to work something I look forward to. I also love being a part of an organisation that contributes in such a positive way to the lives of people with a disability. The most rewarding and enjoyable experience I have experienced would be the event we held at Head Office ‘National day for people with a Disability’. Inviting our participants and their carers to a fun day out at our head office was such a fun and enjoyable experience not only for our participants, but it was extremely rewarding for myself. As I had not long started my role, seeing the participants so happy with smiles from ear to ear really made me appreciate the amazing work of The Disability Trust and how much of a positive impact the work they do has on the lives of so many people in our community. In my role at TDT some challenges included; getting use to the office environment and lifestyle (as most of my previous work history was retail and hospitality which was standing for hours on end as opposed to sitting at a desk) and learning the names of the many people that work within Head Office and expanding locations and what their roles within the organisation are. As I have been exposed to so many learning opportunities throughout my traineeship, I have developed my office/business administration skillset and both my personal and professional skills in so many areas. I have learnt about crucial and important aspects of the organisation and its functionality. Having my work recognised and praised by Senior and Executive level management I would consider an achievement and being exposed to so many wonderful things at The Disability Trust has really helped me to grow and mature in to the person I am today.
- Linzi Desousa – Sport and Rec Officer
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My reason for joining the organisation was that I had recently completed my degree and obtained the skills I believed were essential for the position. I had also been previously employed as a Disability Support Worker and wanted to continue to my work in the disability sector as it was so rewarding. As I only got to experience 3 months in the office I have now worked longer from home and it's become the norm for me. Being a student, I have already spent many hours behind a desk so the change hasn't bothered me and I’ve been able to adapt well. I enjoy knowing that the work I am doing contributes to our collective goal of achieving an inclusive world and helping and supporting those in need. The most rewarding and enjoyable experience has definitely been being able to learn so much from my manager and senior team members. They are so knowledgeable in the disability sector and have been so supportive of me. My biggest achievement has been getting out of my comfort zone, creating many new relationships within our diverse workforce.
- Isabella Britt – Marketing and Communications Officer
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I gained my position at The Disability Trust after my school placement. While doing my placement at The Disability Trust, I saw how the staff treated the clients; like they were family. The staff are not only doing their job to earn wages, they do it because they love what they are doing. This is the reason why I joined this family! I started my placement in October 2019 and became an employee in February 2020. My role as a Disability Support Worker is to help, guide and assist our clients with their daily tasks. My favourite part of working at The Disability Trust is when I am engaging with clients and assisting with different tasks like cooking, singing, and dancing. The most rewarding part is receiving smiles from clients after helping and assisting them in achieving their goals. Being a Disability Support Worker is not an easy job. I have gained knowledge, specifically on how to handle clients in different situations and I am acquiring confidence in facing any tasks that are provided to me. Making my clients and work colleagues satisfied with the way I work is my primary goal, however, I am looking forward to one day managing staff.
- Jeffrey Marata
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I have been working at The Disability Trust since the beginning of 2020, where I was engaged as Disability Support Worker in our Sport and Recreation department. I have been involved in the Vacation Care and Sports programs, and have had the opportunity to work with clients supporting them in their own homes and taking them out into the community. There is no such thing as a “regular day” at The Disability Trust. Some shifts are there to support clients to complete certain tasks and may only take two hours, whereas other clients require 24/7 support, including shifts where staff sleepover. The service-oriented platform provided by The Trust makes for a great work environment, as you are able to engage with clients and other staff members and build more positive relationships. The Trust also understand my position as a University student as well, and are flexible in accommodating me. The most rewarding part of my role is seeing improvements in the clients I support. I especially see this when working with the Score Raiders program (our Touch Football Team), and engaging in a teamwork based environment. I have been faced with challenges that have allowed me to grow and develop, such as providing care to clients in the hospital and providing support to clients experiencing domestic violence. I have learnt that with a little bit of assistance, people are able to set out goals, and work towards them. My current goal is to work towards graduating from the University of Canberra in a double degree of Law and Politics. I will be able to take my experiences working with a range of people from different backgrounds and abilities into my future roles.
- Patrick Harris