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David's Employment Success!

We are proud of David for achieving his employment goals! David connected with Workskills with the aim to increase his confidence and was eager to find employment where he could keep up his good level of fitness. At 56 years, David was ready to do something he was passionate about.

David’s reliability is admirable, he never missed an appointment, was never late, and actively participated in his consultations. Once he told us he wanted to “do outdoors work”, such as lawn mowing or maintenance, our consultants were able to point David in the right direction. David’s Workskills Consultant found businesses in the Yellow Pages for him to contact, to ask if they had any positions available. It did not take long for David to secure an interview!

Workskills coached David during his interview processes, helping to ease his nerves, and grow his confidence. David then met with his future employer, Will Sale, from SCPC Lawncare. Sale said their main need in an employee was reliability, something David was excellent at.

After a successful work trial, David officially commenced employment. David’s determination paid off. Workskills remains to provide post-employment support to David and his employer, being there throughout his entire journey. David’s employment consultant, Simone, reflected on his journey:

“Once in a while you get that really special client, whose journey you are privileged to be a part of and one who you will never forget. David is one of those clients for me”.

We are proud of David’s achievements in such a short time, within six months of mentoring, coaching, and support from his employers and employment consultants, David was able to obtain his First Aid Certificate, Drivers Licence, and is now a supervisor! David’s demeanour has positively changed, he is more excited, and says with exhilaration “I have a purpose now”.David smiling happily in the sun. He is wearing a bucket hat, high VIS shirt, holding a whipper snipper in front of a lawn mowing van.

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