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Trent's Employment Journey

Senior Employment Consultant, Laura King, has been supporting Trent from November 2021 when he was 18 years old. Laura reflected on Trent’s employment journey and his successes:

Trent finds learning, remembering new things, and adapting to change challenging. I was able to work with him to tailor a service that supported his needs. When Trent commenced the program, he was unsure what his work interests were other than working outside and with his hands.

As a starting point, Trent participated in a period of work experience with Illawarra Vocational Services (IVS) in North Wollongong – working in a team trimming trees, mowing lawns and gardening. Trent ended up gaining supported employment from this work experience but lacked motivation to come to work each day.

Through Trent’s experiences with IVS, Trent gained a more positive sense of self confidence.

With assistance from Cathy, Business Development Officer, Trent commenced a work trial with a local cabinet making business as a labourer.

Trent’s ability to understand the cutting machine, the process of completing a project and the overall requirements of the business came naturally, Trent was in his element!

After we received such amazing feedback about Trent’s attendance at work, his motivation to learn and understanding of the role, Trent was offered a full time Cabinet Maker apprenticeship. We are so proud of Trent; this was an amazing achievement.

While Trent was succeeding in this aspect of the apprenticeship, he required extra supports for the study components.

Through the assistance of a disability support worker, alongside encouragement and support of Trent’s mentor, Gavin, Trent has been successfully completing the required units of study. He continues to progress through his studies with confidence.

Since Trent started work at Bentlor Design Joinery, and with support and encouragement from myself, Trent has passed his provisional driving test. This is a huge achievement, as Trent is now able to drive himself to and from work in his newly purchased car!

Trent continues to love his position at Bentlor Design Joinery and always has a huge smile on his face.

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