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Are you interested in travelling the world or seeing some sites more locally? 

Trusted Travel can open up opportunities to explore new and exciting destinations whilst being supported with your every care need.

Our supported holiday packages include a great range of activities to suit your interests and abilities.
Leave the planning to us. 

What makes Trusted Travel different?

Trusted Travel is a service of The Disability Trust. We have combined our excellent reputation for delivering the highest quality care and our experience supporting people to build new skills, meet new people and create fantastic new memories.

If you want to travel and you need support, we offer holiday packages designed to meet your individual needs.

Do you want a hassle free holiday?

Unlike some travel services, Trusted Travel’s holiday packages include everything – accommodation, meals, activities/attractions listed, transport from an assigned meeting point and staffing support that meets your every need.
You may want to bring some extra money to buy souvenirs, a snack or drink on occasions and there may be extra options you can also include for an extra cost if you wish e.g. a private room upgrade. All you need to do is pack your bag and be ready for a fun-filled adventure!


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