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Individualised Living Options

Individualised Living Options are designed to give you more choice and control over your life. A broad range of housing options are available and designed around you so that you can be part of the local community of your choice.

Individualised Living Options aim to give you a sense of home and belonging, connection with others and a safe and supportive lifestyle. You may be moving out of home for the first time, leaving a Group Home environment, moving to a new area or looking for a place to settle and call your own. With Individualised Living Options, the choice is yours.

The Choice is Yours

There are a variety of different living options depending on the type of home you prefer and life you choose to live. You have the flexibility to use your funded supports in a way that supports this choice. It may be for personal care, support with household tasks or help making decisions. Your family, friends, volunteers and others in your life can complement these paid supports. The support you receive doesn’t cover the house or accommodation, just the support you get from other people.


You choose to live with a non-related family or individual in their home. You will have the opportunity to share your lives while receiving some support. Your host will receive a reimbursement payment, as well as board and lodging to cover day to day costs.


You live in your own home with a person who agrees to provide a level of support and companionship. In return they receive reduced rent and/or a payment.

Living Together

You live in your own home with a person (or more than one person) you have chosen via existing relationships (intimate, family or friendship). This can include other people with disability. A flexible package can allow for sharing of supports where required, or in some cases payments for some supports.

Living Alone

You live in your own home, with various stand by, drop in and informal supports.

Two Stage Process

If you are interested in designing your future with Individualised Living Options, there is a two-stage process to go through.

1. Exploration and Design

This is where you start your Individualised Living Options process. You can receive funding to work with a service provider or decide on your own where you want to live and how you would like to be supported. This process helps plan your housing goals, the supports you would like to access and how many hours of support you will receive each week.

2. Supports

Once the Exploration and Design stage is completed, the supports you require are implemented and a process is put in place to check that everything is working well, and adjustments can be made if needed.

How Can The Disability Trust Assist You?

1. Explore Options

We can provide information and advice to help you with the Exploration and Design process. We help you explore your options, consider your goals and design an accommodation model with the supports you would like around you

2. Create a Plan

Our friendly staff can assist you to understand the steps you will need to take to put Individualised Living Option supports in place including the different agreements and funding arrangements.

Start the process today by calling our friendly staff on 1300 347 224 or email


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