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KidsWish and The Disability Trust passionately believe in the fundamental human right of every individual to be valued in their own community. We have many families in the Illawarra with children in need. These families are living with illness or disability, all of which pose significant and complex challenges. Too often, many of these children and their families are missing out on the multiple support services and social support systems they so desperately need.

It is our mission to help bridge this gap for families. KidsWish will operate in partnership with The Disability Trust, along with the support of KidzWish Foundation, to fulfill the lives of children with a disability or illness and their families through appeals, supportive programs, community-impact projects and inclusive events - enabling them to thrive and experience joy. Our people, partners and sponsors are united in this cause.

KidsWish and The Disability Trust

The Disability Trust is creating an inclusive world. KidsWish is fulfilling lives together.

Group Programs

KidsWish are committed to providing free group programs to children and families in need. Group programs can assist children to meet their social, emotional and physical goals and to feel a part of their community. Limited funding can be an issue for families, resulting in children missing out on the benefits of group programs. The programs currently offered include Game On, Sports Academy, KidsRock, KidsGroove, Saturday Club and Siblings program.

Please direct all program enquiries to

KidsWish Events

KidsWish host various events for the children and families we support, with a goal of providing opportunities to experience local attractions and venues in a safe and supportive environment, shared with other children and families to learn from and grow with. 

Please direct all event enquiries to

Please direct all other KidsWish enquiries to

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