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Sport and Recreation

Fun is the focus of The Disability Trust’s Sport and Recreation Services, which provides opportunities for people of all ages with disabilities to participate in and enjoy physical and creative activities. 

We have programs and support options for children, teenagers and adults that provide opportunities to meet people, learn new skills, play in competitions, perform on stage and develop their
creative side. 

Our programs are specially designed and operate in a supportive environment to cater for people of varying abilities. 

Activities are tailored towards the needs of all participants where you learn the skills associated with each activity in a fun and supportive environment. 

 Give us a call on 1300 347 224 if you would like support to meet new friends and participate in a range of different activities including soccer, gym, tennis, netball, swimming, cricket, football, music, theatre and drama, basketball, dance, tee ball, ten pin bowling, art and craft. 

Our social groups, camps, discos and weekend clubs are also hugely popular. For more information follow the link to our Friendships and Social Groups page. 

To see the programs that are available please click on the links below:

Sport & Recreation Programs Illawarra

To see our 2021 Program Calendars please click on the links below:

Sport and Rec Calendar 2022

The Disability Trust has merged with the Kidzwish Foundation, as at 1st July.

One of KidzWish Foundation’s strengths has been its high-profile fundraising and awareness capability, and the merger has seen the charity arm of the KidzWish Foundation continue operations under its own entity as a charitable fundraising organisation. Whilst this continues, there are no immediate changes to the operations of the existing Kidzwish Group Programs, however these are now supported by the Sport & Recreation Team at The Trust.

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Emily's mother Lisa
“Emily has been a participant in various Trust programs since she was 8 years old. Her time at The Trust has given her confidence, friendships, social acceptance, kept her fit and healthy, made her respectful of others, taught her to always strive to do the very best to her ability and best of all helped Emily to grow into the incredible young woman that she is today.”
- Emily's mother Lisa
Baylee's mother Tania
The Sport and Rec team have been one of the most amazing positive influences on my daughter Bailey over many years. Bailey loves the variety of activities that she can attend , currently she does weekly Gym, Drama , Jammers, her much loved Music Makers dance class, Sunday Funday, multiple camps and Thank God It’s Friday’s. We love the way the exceptionally caring team go above and beyond to treat her with respect, kindness and patience while teaching her valuable skills, they always ensure she has the best time. Bailey loves catching up with her friends in a super fun and safe environment. The sport and rec team have become a huge part of Bailey’s Disability Trust Family and we can’t thank them enough for the positive influence they have had in her life
- Baylee's mother Tania
Rachael's Mum Assunta
Rachael has been using programs run by Sport and Recreation Illawarra since she was in primary school. Over the years it has given Rachael increased self-confidence, fitness and more importantly a sense of community and friendship. The Covid closure has certainly highlighted the great value and need of programs offered by Sport and Recreation Illawarra. Thank you, Michael, Amy and the team for the wonderful work you do always treating everyone with respect, patience, kindness and always making sure that your programs are delivered in a super fun and safe way. Rachael would like to say a few words from her heart, “ thanks so much, you guys are awesome”
- Rachael's Mum Assunta
Sean McKay
‘I like training hard and keeping fit at Futsal, running really fast at Score Dragons, and spending fun times with my mates at Camps’
- Sean McKay

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