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Therapy Services & Clinical Support

Trusted Clinical ServicesTrusted Clinical Services

 Trusted Clinical Services supports people with disability to improve their quality of life through a range of therapeutic support services that bring about positive change. 

Following a recent merger, The Disability Trust is now providing Early Intervention Services to children of all ages and their families. If you would like to enquire about these services, please be in touch with The Disability Trust on either 1300 347 224 and ask to speak with Clinical Services. Or you can email 

What makes Trusted Clinical Services different?

Trusted Clinical Services work closely with you to: 
  • Assess and understand your needs, 
  • Develop plans for your support, 
  • Support you and important others to make changes and do things differently.
Trusted Clinical Services is a multidisciplinary team of skilled professionals including Behaviour Support Practitioners, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Clinical Nurse Specialists. Trusted Clinical Services works together in a team to get great outcomes and to improve the lives of people with disability.  

Contact and Referrals:
To make a referral or to find out how Trusted Clinical Services can help you please contact or call us on 42502000.


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