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Trusted Plan Management

What is Plan Management?

Plan management is a funding option under the NDIS and allows clients to utilize both registered and non-NDIS registered providers. Plan Managers claim directly from the budgets of a client’s plan and pay providers on behalf of the client. 

Plan Management is funded by the NDIS through a monthly fee, charged to a client’s plan. This is a flat fee and not related to the complexity or size of a participant’s plan.  

How can Trusted Plan Management help you?

Established in October 2016, Trusted Plan Management was seen as a logical and complementary addition to the service suite of The Disability Trust and has grown significantly to over 300 clients in 2020, with a focus on relationships and support you can trust. We can provide:

  • Increased control over your NDIS plan
  • Utilising both registered and non-NDIS registered providers
  • Timely payment of support provider invoices on your behalf
  • Professional budget management
  • Assistance in navigating the NDIS 
Delivered virtually and requiring no face-to-face contact, the team are here to help you get more from your NDIS plan and look after all the paperwork for you leaving you free to enjoy living life your way.


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